Our Practical Skills Courses

Check out our skills courses for the Tourism, Events, and Hospitality industry.

Practical Skill

We teach practical skills which will enables our students to create an income for themselves in one month.

Entrepreneurs training

One of our most important pillars are our entrepreneurs training. We are making use of the BEST course.

Life skills

How can one expect success in life when you don’t believe in yourself. We teach life skills for success.


Foundational Learning Competencies. Helping our students so that they can be ready for life long learning.

Our Skills Development Courses

The ECTA Skills Development Courses are only available to organizations such as NPO’s, Churches or Community Groups and must consist of a group of 5 or more students. These courses are unfortunately not available to individual students. 


The courses will remain the property of ECTA Creative Solutions and may not be sold or presented without the knowledge or consent of ECTA. 


You can make use of an ECTA facilitator, or you are welcome to provide a facilitator. Please note that a facilitator can only present an ECTA course if the person completed the ECTA facilitator’s course. 


ECTA will issue a digital certificate with the ECTA logo as well as the logo or name of the institution /organization presenting the course to the successful candidate.

Our Professional Team

Marieta Greyling

Owner | CEO

Being a successful planner and organizer at heart, Marieta Greyling founded ECTA Creative Solutions 14 years ago.

Yolandi Greyling


Yolandi Greyling is a Décor Specialist with 13 years’ experience in wedding planning and event coordination.

Adel Burgers


Adel Burgers are an expert in the wedding and event industry. Specializing in Flowers and Decor. Adel brings all of her expertise to ECTA.

Mbali Mahlangu


Mbali has been a facilitator for many years - presenting the wedding and events courses.