If you are new into wedding planning or if you are an established wedding planning business and want to expand your business to include décor, we are here to help you.

Connecting via Skype, email or any other remote communication method, you will be able to ask us about ideas and concepts for Décor and Event Styling. We will help you to create the most exciting idea board, in line with the requirements for your client, specific to the event.

We will also include tutorial videos, explaining in detail how you can design the décor, arrange the flowers and everything else for the occasion, all by yourself! An advantage to learn new skills.

Event design is such a relative term. It is all about what you can do, what you can learn to do, and never about what others can do! Each one of us has a different ability and preference and style, BUT one of the most important things is: never try and be someone else. Neither by copying their work nor by doing the same design than they are, even if it has a twist or a small difference. I will never be Preston Bailey and, I never want to be Preston Bailey.

We often need to be reminded that Event Styling is different in every part of the world and even the country that you are staying. I’ve said it many times: In Natal, the décor is over the top, in Gauteng, they follow a lot of the American trends and in the Western Cape they believe that less is more.

If we take into consideration the culture group that you are working with, it even more difficult. In the Cape Area, you get some brides that still want the old décor with bows and swags. In Natal, they want to see what they pay for: the more on the table, the better.

You can contact us either via skype or email and ask us about ideas and concepts for décor for a specific client.