Mama Mirriam Toni started Ncedisizwe Centre in the early 1990s to provide young boys and girls who’ve been abused, abandoned, and in some cases left for dead on the street a home. She is determined to change the narrative of these little lives and teach them the value of a loving, stable home.

Her compassion toward her community doesn’t stop there. Mama Mirriam also started a catering project with her sister and her center provides employment to 28 members, as well as opening a hair salon, sewing center and bakery. She has a passion for sharing all her knowledge with fellow members and is committed to transferring her skills to them so that they can improve their circumstances and ultimately become self-sufficient.

Part of the skills that she learned was draping. Today she also runs a successful draping company that serves not only their own community but also outside of Paarl.