Draping Stylist Video Course

Wedding draping

Study from abroad or from the luxury of your home. This is our entire Draping Foundation course laid out in easy, step by step video tutorials and voice-overs. The theory of this course is taught using an interactive video with voice-overs, while the practical content is taught to you by using video demonstrations. The entire course is downloadable, or accessible via post at an additional fee.

3 Months
R750.00 R250.00


Course , Draping stylist

Our Draping Stylist Course is the first step you will take if you want to learn how to drape. The course looks at draping done at typical weddings. It will cover things like how to make swags that you can use on walls, main tables, and cake tables. We will teach you the techniques and show you where you might be going wrong and how you could improve it in the future. If you have any problems with the draping we teach then we help you to fix it.

We will work individually with each student to ensure that when you are finished with your course you will have mastered the practical skills. Apart from the practical side of the course, we look at the theory behind it all. In the days we live and work in this theoretical knowledge is of utmost importance. This is especially true if you want to get ahead and succeed in this competitive industry.

Some of the theories we cover will include safety and different fabrics and their uses. If you would like to know more, have a look under course contents to see which modules are covered in the course.

Very important! If you want to practice your draping, don’t forget that you can purchase our draping starter kit!

Course contents

  • Safety Training
  • Fabric: Types and Care
  • Fairy Light Safety and Care
  • Basic art concepts
  • Stage draping
  • Main table draping
  • Cake table draping
  • Chair draping
  • Backdrop draping
  • Quotation basics – How to charge for your work

Entrance requirements

  • Students should have a basic comprehension of English
  • Basic reading and writing skills are required
  • Must own a laptop or computer to run the video files (not a DVD machine + T.V.!)
  • Mac OS is not supported, only windows.