Micro wedding styled shoot in the beautiful mountains of Grabouw

Micro wedding styled shoot in the beautiful mountains of Grabouw

I am so exited to share this styled shoot with you. The beauty of the Western Cape combined the beauty of our model is something to see. On the 30th of August, while we were in level 2 lockdown, we decided to go ahead with our micro wedding styled shoot in Grabouw. There was snow on the mountains and crystal clear water pools all over the beautiful Elgin mountain area.

Snowy weather or not … the show must go on. With our coffees in hand, we braved the icy weather and started our trek up the mountain.

The beauty of fynbos in the Western Cape

Styled shoot and what to learn from it!

In this blog I’m going to expose a lot about myself and the fact that it does not matter if you are two years in the industry or 10 years in the industry – you can still make mistakes. One thing I learned during all these years is that the best thing I can do for my students is to be transparent so they can learn from my mistakes.

There were a few unfortunate things that happened unexpectedly.

Even in the rain… with the right photographer you can have stunning photo’s

I did not go for a venue inspection before the time…

Memories from previous trips containing huge acres of beautiful pine trees were crushed when we saw that Forestry had cut off all the pine trees. We were a little bit dismayed by this fact as I thought we would be able to do the styled shoot between the beautiful pine trees.

Not only was it cloudy and rainy weather, but the snow was also on the mountain and we didn’t have pine trees for our micro wedding shoot (which was the most important part of this styled shoot that I want to bring over to brides out there….)

Why is it important to always do a venue inspection

Years ago when I first started with weddings I learned a lesson that I said I will never do again… I did not go for a venue inspection. We had a wedding on the beach at Misty Cliffs near Simon’s Town in the Western Cape. I decided that it is a beach and I don’t need to go and inspect the venue. Low and behold – there was a mountain to get down before you were at the area on the beach where the ceremony would take place. I did not have enough staff, I did not quote enough for my staff to carry 100 chairs down the mountain and to carry them up again. The ceremony stopped at 5 pm and they were finished with the carrying of chairs only 11 pm that night. Never again, I said. And I did it again after almost 15 years. To my defence, I have to say that this was our weekend getaway spot and we were regulars at this specific venue…. and they have never cut the trees before.

This is why it is so important to have not a good photographer but a brilliant photographer!!

However, if you have the right photographer then you have nothing to worry about. Immediately Jacques and Chane from 25 Weddings got in their car and said WAIT. Off they went to scout the location to see where we can take the photos for the styled shoot. Jacques kept on telling me when I wanted to cancel the shoot that I must not worry about the weather. Some of the most beautiful photos can come out of this rainy weather.

When they came back after their scouting, they took us to an area right in the middle of the road and said to us – this will look good on a photo. I looked at it and thought – how on earth… It is a road and flat fynbos BUT if you choose one of the best photographers in South Africa then you don’t need to be afraid. They made it work!! Look at the beautiful photo’s that we’ve gotten out of this shoot.

What else did I do wrong with this shoot?

I insisted that I want the picnic against the tree – keeping in mind I wanted from the start the pine trees in the shoot. Although the shoot looks amazing – the picnic shoot would have looked much nicer if we had the mountain or the lake in the background.. but next time…

I think this styled shoot looks amazing. Thank you to our models, Jaime and Robert for your time. Thank you Jacques and Chane from 25 Weddings for the photographs, Thank you, Jaime, for the hair, nails and make-up and lastly – Thank you, Janine, of Lavender house catering for the amazing picnic food.

Service providers:

Photo’s – http://www.25weddings.co.za

Makeup and Nails – https://www.facebook.com/jaimelabeaute

Picnic food – http://www.lavender-house.co.za/

Wedding planner – www.imagineevents.co.za

Clothing – Gezi D fashions – https://www.facebook.com/GeziDFashions

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