COVID is not only a challenge but it is also an opportunity.

COVID is not only a challenge but it is also an opportunity.

Is there still a place for a wedding planning business during these times that we live in? We all saw the wedding and events industry failing and crashing due to COVID and we all wondered if anything will survive these interesting times…

Kylie Carson says it like this: “But here’s the thing. Although everything we’re reading seems like it’s all doom and gloom, that isn’t actually the case. The wedding industry isn’t dying it’s being reborn. Weddings have been ready for a big change for some time now. And even before Coronavirus, we were starting to see a shift.

More and more couples were starting to do away with the big guest numbers, over the top luxury and the ‘more is more’ mentality. They were slowly but surely starting to place more importance on guest experience and the meaning behind a wedding. They were opting for intimacy and privacy. That hasn’t changed it’s just been pushed center stage and couples are getting behind it. They’re seeing Micro weddings as a choice instead of something dictated to them by the pandemic.”

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If we like it or not, the micro weddings are here to stay. I’m not saying you are not going to still get some big, elaborate weddings because culture also plays a role in how big a wedding your client decides on. The expectations of the Big Greek wedding are long past. This will be pre -COVID for all of us. Personally, I think it is a good thing that people try to go back to the more personal and intimate weddings. They can embrace the meaning of marriage and celebrate with those that are really important to them AND the extra bargain is that they save some money that they can use for a wonderful honeymoon or invest in a house.

Some people call it “The PINTIMATE WEDDING – both personal and intimate” Personally I don’t think a name like that will trend in South Africa. Some people call it: Minimony, micro wedding, elopement and I’m sure other people have come up with more names for this new trend. The good news is that the new trend in Micro weddings and Elopements is increasing the demand for wedding planners.

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However, while a micro wedding can save you money, many couples are turning it into a macro experience. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average overall guest count was also down, while the average cost per guest went up.  “Couples can certainly save money by going the route of a micro wedding, though many decide to actually spend their full budget. Only on fewer people,” Cove explains. “Some couples will even take their budget and host the hotel rooms for their guests, along with transportation and other items that may not normally be affordable for a larger-size wedding.”

Now is the time for the wedding business to adjust to the new trends and demands in the industry. Can you organise a destination wedding, can you organise a micro wedding or even an elopement? The basis of these weddings is absolutely the same as the previous large weddings.

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Kylie Carson of the Wedding Planning Academy says this: “A smaller wedding doesn’t mean less attention to detail. Or less planning. There are still budgets to create, suppliers to source, a venue to find, and a wedding to design.

With the focus being on a memorable and personal guest experience the couple needs even more help to navigate the lead up to their wedding than ever before. Add to this the ever-changing social distancing guideline and you’ll see professional help is not a luxury but a necessity. The role of wedding planner and wedding stylist hasn’t been made redundant it’s simply changed in line with the new landscape.”

How will this relate to you and a new business?

If you really are thinking about a career shift or even just needs to get a business going for an income, there could not have been a more perfect time. If there’s one certainty, it’s that the future is uncertain. And though it can be terrifying, uncertainty presents a huge opportunity for the once’s that are prepared to take a chance. If there’s one certainty, it’s that uncertainty is the path to innovation and forward progress. Your chance for forwarding progress – starting your own business in the wedding and events industry! Getting in at the ground level of something new is always the place to be. The opportunities are endless and fresh new ideas are flowing.

The idea of a “new normal” shouldn’t hinder your dreams of starting a new business. In fact, it should give you an advantage in serving potential customers in the ways they are now looking to be served.

We are all familiar with the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” More to the point, bestselling author and entrepreneur Matshona Dhliwayo, says, “When life hands you dirt, plant seeds.” When a downturn hits, savvy people learn how to survive. You lost your job, now is the time to study and make a success of your dream business!

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I know not everyone will agree with me because many people believe you must find a niche market and as an example just do wedding planning. I found that in South Africa when you are a small start-up, this is not the way to go. I fully believe that you will need more than one stream of income when you start out. As an example: Start your wedding planning business but also do the décor and flowers for the wedding. Start your wedding planning business but also do birthday parties for friends and family. Start your wedding planning business but also do kids parties for a secondary income.

But how will I get my clients? Start with family and friends and build up a portfolio and we as ECTA will help you to get to know the ins and outs of marketing and how to be successful in your new business venture.

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