Does life give us second chances with our dreams?

Does life give us second chances with our dreams?

I’ve been wondering about this topic for a long time now and I am a firm believer that there is a second and third and fourth chance for all of us out there in life.

Tamra Ryan, CEO of the Women’s Bean Project in USA says this: “By viewing our second chance as a singular event, we were closing the door to women for whom second chances needed to come in multiples. Because who says which chance is really the second chance? Maybe it is when the woman is ready. “

Who are we to say that anyone has had enough chances to succeed in life? Who are you to decide that you had enough chances to succeed and therefore you need to give up on your vision and dream for your life?

Each one of us had our share of challenges and troubles during the years that squashed our dreams. Maybe you have lost someone that was a huge part of your life, maybe you lost the job that you loved, maybe you are very unhappy in your job and circumstances at the moment and just maybe you always wished you could have your own business and be involved in a creative industry like the wedding industry? And just maybe you have just made the wrong choices in going forward to fulfill your dream.

No matter what happened in your life – you can have a second chance. Milsa Rodriguez Lopex de Osornia say it like this: “The beauty of life is that it always gives a second chance. At any given moment, life can surprise us with another chance, giving as the possibility to try something one more time, to recreate ourselves anew and to start again. The problem is that either we miss that chance by remaining attached to a past failure, to a story without a happy ending, or because we consciously deny accepting that chance, condemning ourselves to a life of failure. As always, life is made up of choices, and our success depends on seizing the chances that life gives us. No matter what happened in our past, and how many mistakes we have made, life will give us a second chance, but something we need to remember is that a second chance does not delete the consequences of our past. Any decision, behaviour or action from our past will have a consequence, but a second chance means that we have the possibility to do things in another way.

We can change ourselves for a better version; we can make different choices, learn from our mistakes, and do everything in a different way that will benefit us and everyone around us. That is exactly what a second chance is, the possibility to create a better tomorrow.”

The key is to detach yourself from the past and everything that can’t be changed, and trust life and God that will give you a second chance, to a start a better life, to discover something about you that you didn’t know before, to see life in a different way, to become the best version of yourself, and to give you the life that you truly deserve. It is only a matter of giving life the chance to show us that wonderful things are waiting for us. If we’re breathing means that we are alive, and if we are live, opportunities are endless.

Life will always give you a second chance, and when that happens, seize it, because this could be your very chance that will give you the life you are truly capable of living. Let go of the past, forget about the things you cannot change, focus on the things you can change, and learn from any mistake you have made, and when you have that second chance in front of your face don’t give it a second thought, simply take it and change your whole life!

Life wants us to succeed, the question is: do you want to succeed? Every day life will present us a second chance that will challenge us in every possible aspect of our life. That second chance could be the opportunity that will change your entire life, seize it!

A large part of this blog have been copied from You can go and read the whole blog about second chances. I wanted to write my own blog on this subject but Milsa have said everything that I wanted to say and I just decided not to rewrote it in my own way.

But why am I talking about second chances. What does that have to do with ECTA and our Courses? It is just that… If you have dreamed about having your own business and is still stuck in that job that you hate… You have a second chance. Take it slowly and start taking one course at a time. Start slowly and maybe just start to hire out table cloths or just do one wedding in three months over weekend. Don’t try and jumped with both feet into an industry that you don’t know well. Part of what we will do as an ECTA commitment is to help you through the way until you are the success that you have dreamed about. Why make the mistakes that I’ve already made. Why paid the price for wrong decisions if you can learn from someone that have already made that decisions and learned from it.

Take a chance in life and believe in yourself. Start studying to become who you want in life!



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