Is Wedding Draping Still in Fashion?

Is Wedding Draping Still in Fashion?

Is Wedding Draping still in fashion?

Is wedding draping like backdrop draping, table draping and wall draping still in fashion? Especially in South Africa?

At the beginning of December, I posted an ad for our online draping course. Almost immediately a lady from the Eastern Cape responded on my add to say that wedding draping is totally out of fashion.

Well, I had to agree with her with a big BUT!!! It depends on where you are staying and to what culture group you belong to. Let me explain it to you like this:

If you stay in the Western Cape and most of your clients are getting married at the beautiful wine farms – that may be true. The more affluent people in the Western Cape and Gauteng have a saying that less is more. Do I agree with it… Yes. But again – it is only valid if that is your personal style. The venues are so beautiful that you really don’t need any soft décor like draping in it. Normally they would make use of a few draping s in the roof and that is all that the venue needs to look amazing. In this case less is more!

At the same time we have a group of people that is not so affluent and also want to have the wedding of their dreams. Maybe this girl dreamed of her Cinderella wedding since she has been a little girl. A wedding with bows and swags…. Does this make it wrong to put a lot of draping up in a venue just because the bride loves it? Definitely no!

The other possibility is that they only have money to get married in a sports hall that is really looking ugly and run down. How can you make this room into a dream wedding venue? With draping of course!!

In Kwazulu Natal wedding draping is of utmost importance at most Indian weddings. That is just part of their culture. Look at a few of these pictures and judge for yourself.

This is just a few examples of why I say that wedding will never go out of fashion. To make it more interesting, wedding draping choices also depends on the theme of your wedding. If you go for a rustic theme wedding then draping is seldom needed except maybe for roof draping or a few drapings on an arch.

On the other hand, you do get brides that were dreaming of a white Cinderella wedding throughout their lives. Look at this example:

All of this said it comes down to this: Draping depends on your client’s personal style and taste. Never assume that draping will go out of fashion. It is of utmost importance for you as a Draping Stylist to keep up to trends, fabrics and new techniques so that you can advise your client to the best of your ability. Not and I say Not to what you believe or what you like. Take what she is dreaming of and make it work for her. If she wants less is more… that is what you give her. If she wants bows and swags… that is what you have to give her.

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